How to eliminate nail fungus

Eliminating nail fungus is a real challenge for any therapist, podiatrist or dermatologist.

Nail fungus or onychomycosis is the most frequent disease of the nails, affecting adult men more than women, it is generally produced by one of the most resistant fungi to current treatments, belongs to the family of dermatophytes. The first symptoms to appear are thickening of the nail, color changes, nails become whitish, rough with grooves, irregular in appearance, they tend to flake easily and have a bad odor.

If the fungus is painful, this is the first warning sign and we must pay as much attention as possible, there are self-care measures that can help you, but at this stage They are usually insufficient, so you should use a topical remedy to combat nail fungus. However, even if treatment is successful, don't take it for granted, nail fungus usually comes back.

We recommend that to eliminate nail fungus uonce the first symptoms appear, it is time to start treatment, as this condition does not it disappears on its own, on the contrary, the fungus will advance in the nail until it completely affects its appearance, and even in the most evolved cases, it is possible to lose the nail due to a fungus, that's why it's important to treat it! fast!


Because the keratin in the nail is hard, compact and difficult to penetrate, it is even more difficult to penetrate a broken and friable nail, for this reason it is important that the patient has be very careful with the treatment of the nail during the treatment. The patient must keep the nail very short and remove the most superficial layers with files.

Ozomicol is a new formula that is very easy to apply and eliminates nail fungus. Ozomicol is the first product that incorporates ozone as the main active ingredient to eliminate nail fungus, as well Part of this formula is caprylic acid, salicylic acid and tea tree oil, and some natural antioxidants, all of which are present in a very well calculated way to exert their fungicidal effect.

Eliminate nail fungus

How OZOMICOL works

Eliminate nail fungus

Ozomicol is made up of different assets that are in equilibrium and each one has a specific function. One of the fundamental components is salicylic acid, salicylic acid is an active ingredient that has proven its effectiveness as a keratolytic, that is, it facilitates the penetration of the rest of the components in depth, allowing the elimination of nail fungus.

Ozomicol is a scientifically proven formula that helps fight infection and prevent its spread, offering visible results in four weeks as long as the instructions are followed. Remember that, if you have diabetes, you should always consult your doctor before applying any product to your feet.