Ozone oil 

Ozone oil has many cosmetic and medical properties. At Ozolife we are specialists in ozone oil. Ozone oil is obtained from a reaction of ozone with oils, olive or sunflower oils are preferred.

The ozone used for this reaction is obtained from the highest quality oxygen of medical grade for which we use a generator. It is not the same ozone that is in the stratosphere.

The end result of this reaction in a product called ozone oil, with many health benefits. Ozone oil is a great product to take care of the health of the skin and body.

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Ozone oil benefits

  • The ozone oil is designed to improve any inflammatory process or existing damage to the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Once applied, it soothes pain and reduces inflammation.
  • Ozone oil accelerates the regenerative and repair process of tissues.
  • It has a germicidal effect, prevents microbiological contamination.
  • It is effective in skin-mucosal infections caused by fungi, such as candidiasis; other conditions such as itchy skin, redness, inflammation (dermatitis); alterations in the perianal skin, including fissures.

    aceite de ozono

Ozone Oil Properties 

At Ozolife we have a high-quality ozone oil with important health benefits, both medical and cosmetic. Above all, its great germicidal, antioxidant and cell regenerative effect stands out.

This ozone oil from Ozolife® is high-quality sunflower oil that has been reacted with ozone. From this reaction a series of biologically active compounds originate and with potent germicidal activity. These compounds eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi, and are also biostimulants.

Ozolife® ozone oil activates local microcirculation, improves cellular oxygen metabolism and stimulates endogenous antioxidant defenses. As if this were not enough, it has a profound antioxidant and cell renewal effect.

Our ozone oil is applied with satisfactory results, both in medicine and in aesthetics. Today it is a fundamental asset in the biocosmetics, due to its natural origin and its oxygenating and revitalizing characteristics of the skin. All these effects favor tissue regeneration and prevent cell aging.

Ozolife® ozone oil is a natural product, free of allergens and dermatologically tested. Don't hesitate any longer and try our ozolife ozone oil. If you have any questions about our ozone oil, you can contact us by calling 962 760 527 or write us an email by clicking the button below.


How to use ozone oil

This type of treatment has many important health benefits. It is recommended in medicine, but also in the field of cosmetics. Its antioxidant and germicidal effect stands out. Ozone oil is an important cell regenerator.

But how is it used? Ozone oil is usually poured into the palm of the hand, always in moderate amounts. With the fingertips, the damaged skin or mucosa is gently massaged.

In case of aesthetic use (such as stretch marks, scars or aging) it is recommended that the massage with ozone oil be circular and for a minimum period of three months. Ozone oil helps a lot to hydrate skin with signs of age, as well as in dry and cracked areas.

Ozolife recommendation: Do not expose yourself to the sun right after its application.