Collagen for joints

Collagen fibers are part of numerous tissues in our body (joints, bones, skin, muscles and tendons). The importance of collagen for joints lies in the fact that it gives them , it also gives rise to optimal biomechanical behavior of the joints.

Collagen in its natural state is a very large and heavy molecule that is practically unassimilable by the human organism when consumed orally (less than 1%), which means that its bioavailability is very low. We recommend the consumption of food supplements based on bioactive collagen peptides to promote their absorption.

Bioactive collagen peptides are native collagen extracted from collagen-rich tissues of animals suitable for human consumption (beef, pork, fish, etc.) which is subjected to an enzymatic hydrolysis process (it is predict). Through this process, a pure, safe and highly bioavailable product is obtained, since the large and heavy molecules that make up collagen are divided into much smaller particles called (BIOACTIVE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES), considerably facilitating their digestion and absorption by the intestine. human (MORE THAN 90% OF THE INGESTED DOSE IS EFFECTIVELY ASSIMILATED), from these peptides our body synthesizes its own collagen.



Natural Collagen for Joints

Bioactive peptides have a high content of conditionally essential amino acids (57%), amino acids that are regularly non-essential, but become essential when the body's ability to produce them from other amino acids decreases and therefore can only be obtained directly from the diet. This generally happens when our body gets old, gets sick or presents any other disorder that makes it difficult for it to function normally.

About 43% of the amino acids that make up bioactive collagen peptides are proline, glycine and hydroxyproline, Fundamental amino acids in the formation of collagen molecules. No other protein contains these three amino acids in such an abundance.

It is important to mention that the native collagen protein contains the same amino acids and in very similar amounts in the different types of animal tissues used to make the bioactive peptides. Therefore, its purity, bioavailability, solubility and food safety depend on its manufacturing process and not on the animal species or tissue from which it is extracted. 

Natural collagen for joints, recommendations 

Bioactive collagen peptides are a food supplement that does not pose any risk to health. In principle, anyone can take it, although it is always advisable to consult a specialist.

In general, by including this food supplement in the daily diet, it is not necessary to take breaks.

The approximate time in which the results begin to be appreciated is between 1 and 3 months, depending on the characteristics of each person. 

We present CONDROPEP PLUS, one of the most complete products on the market today, is a food supplement based on bioactive collagen peptides (FORTIGEL®), vegetable extracts, minerals and organic acid. hyaluronic Its difference is that it is a product that favors the endogenous synthesis of its own collagen for joints.

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