Ozolife Laboratories

“Competence and dedication within an ethical commitment are the bases of excellence in any human activity and, its search, is the authentic engine of social progress.”

Ozolife Laboratories arises as a result of a small family project that at the beginning could go unnoticed, but which has been consolidated over time. Our main objective has always been to provide safe and effective solutions through micronutrition and cosmetics. From our laboratory we constantly search for new ways to use vitamins, minerals, plants and other healthy natural ingredients to improve nutrition and promote better health.

Our studies have shown that the application of ozone in vegetable oils opens a new path in the field of cosmetics. With this new initiative we should not limit ourselves only to the research field but also to clinical application, a field in which, according to the latest news, it is one of the most successful treatments in skin care and protection. The results of our work have been presented at national and international scientific congresses, in numerous meetings and forums, which has validated the recognition of our company by the international community.

The use of cosmetic products with an ozonated base, unlike other treatment methods, develops a preventive function on the skin, counteracts the formation of free radicals responsible for cell aging (antioxidant effect ), removes dead cells from the epidermis causing cell renewal (exfoliating effect). Today it is the method of choice in many aesthetic clinics.

                  OZOLIFEGROUP, C.B. – C/ Botiguers, 3-1-J, 46980, "Parque Empresarial Táctica" Paterna / Valencia – Tel. 962760527 – info@ozolife.es